Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Last Day of School

Today was the last day of the school year. The school had Awards Assembly in the morning and many parents came to celebrate students' effort and improvement. (All the kids received at least one award!) This is Nina (in a black shirt) standing in front of audiences as an awards winner with the principal Mrs.E and the school mascot Pow the Tiger. We are so lucky to have the greatest teachers in town. Nina had a wonderful school year!

Every year before the last day of school, we, Nina and I impose ourselves an assignment. Making Thank you gifts for the teachers and the bus driver! And these are what we made this year.

I let Nina draw pictures on pieces of fabric with fabric crayons. Then I sewed them into little pouches. This one above is for Nina's class room teacher Mrs.R. Nina says she wants four Mrs.R(s) so she can be in her class every year! We loved you, Mrs.R. Thank you so much!

The back of the pouch.

And this one is for Mrs.M the art teacher. Nina loves art and crafts and Mrs.M was her favorite art teacher.
It is a pallet and a paint brash Nina drew.

This doggy fabric is super cute isn't it? Nina is an animal lover so I bought this to make something for her but the color of the background goes perfect with Nina's drawing. So I snipped  off a little part of it and it worked so well. We made a very cute one of a kind thing together.

Of course! This one is for Ms.D the bus driver. She is a nice and happy person and likes kids on her bus so much. The bus Nina draw looks really running with a growl!

It feels Summer is really here now. We don't have specific plans except for going to Japan. We need to find some good activities for Nina to get her exercise and lots of fun. I am sure this is gonna be a good Summer and we are looking forward to everything in the new school year after a long long vacation!!

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Those teachers would be so happy to have such a great student like your Nina!!
    Pouches are so cute and Nina is a talented painter!!

    Have fun in Japan :)

  2. Thank you Hitomi-san,
    I am sure we'll have a good time in Japan as usual. Our trips are getting easier and easier as Nina grows. Hope you are having a good Summer.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog through Pinterest and am loving it! Even more fun is that I live in Granger, IN so I am just around the corner from you! I also have school-aged children, 6 to be exact! I look forward to reading all of your fabulous blog entries! If you are interested in crafting together some time, please feel free to email me:!!


    1. Hello Alexandra!
      That is so cool you live in my (almost) neighborhood! We might have met already somewhere in the area! I am so glad you found my blog. please come back again!