Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm back! / February review

I am finally back from the hectic back stage of the community theater kids' musical. Sorry for such a long absence from blogging. I took a deep breath after sending my girl to school this morning. I had so much fun with the event but coming back to a normal life cycle feels kind of nice too. Today's post is my photo review of February.

This was Nina's first experience of acting in the musical. There were so many (sixty eight) really talented, enthusiastic young people in the production. We had a devoted, professional crew behind the show. And since it was a community event, there were many parent volunteers supported the event. We had forty rehearsals and eight shows in five days! My girl was tired every night after rehearsals but she really enjoyed her experience. She earned a lot from this production. It was a great experience for all of us.

The show was "Disney the Little Mermaid. Jr". Nina's role was a tentacle of the bad sea witch Urusla's. In the photo above, the second from left is my girl. I did all the tentacles hair-do for every single show. Nina designed the hair style she wants to have for herself and I made that for a dress rehearsal. Then the director liked her style and made it an official style for all the tentacles! They looked cute with the same hair-do!

She succeeded in making one evil tentacle in the show!

But she got back to my sweet little one after the show. Smiling with flowers and a little yellow gift from an audience.

I worked on some costume sewing for the show (about seven costumes for the sea creatures...). Preparing costume for sixty eight actors is not a easy job. The costume crew was also awesome. They work hard and fast. There was some impressive work I saw there in their work shop.

Outside of "Under the Sea", I finished  the second pair of pants for Nina. The same design as the first one but different print for the flaps and waist band.

I made small pouches and coin purses for Valentine's day to sell at the local store. These purses have crocheted red clovers with heart shaped four leaves.

And crocheted heart key fobs too.

This black crochet work is still in progress.

I cannot believe that tomorrow is already the last day of February! Well, it also means Spring is just around the corner. I hope you all had a wonderful February!


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  2. beautiful! I wondered if your beautiful heart key fob pattern is for sale in your shop?