Friday, June 28, 2013

Tutorial / Reversible patchwork spiral basket

Today I want to share a fun tutorial for making small fabric baskets. The finished size of the basket is 7cm(w) x7cm(d) x9cm(h). This project is perfect for consuming your scrap fabric. Also these baskets are reversible. One side has a spiral patchwork pattern with four strips of quilting weight cotton fabric. The other side is just a single piece of home decor fabric. This project is very easy and quick. I hand-sewed these baskets in the picture. But of course you can use your sewing machine. It would be much quicker like a flurry of wind! And small fabric baskets are versatile. So you would want to make more and more! The tutorial with tons of pictures are here in my Flickr set. I hope you'll enjoy making it! Have fun!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Upcoming event! Zakka Handmades Blog Tour

My dear blog friend Amy has recently published her first book "Zakka Handmades". And she is organizing "Zakka Handmades blog tour". I am very happy to be a stop on this blog tour on July 5th. I will write about the book in my post then, today I just wanna let you know the tour is going to happen from Monday, June 24th. There will be an interview, books and handmade zakka give-aways and lots more. Click the picture below. It will take you to Amy's site. You will see many many cute zakka making project over there.

There will be ten other super talented bloggers participating this blog tour. I am so excited to see their posts. There is the schedule of the tour. You don't wanna miss any of these, do you?

6/24/13 - Kerry verykerryberry (interview post)
6/26/13  Jeni In Color Order 
6/28/13  Sachiko Tea Rose Home 
7/1/13 – Amber One Shabby Chick 
7/3/13 – Kristen Feeling Stitchy 
7/5/13 – Hiromi Harujion Design 
7/8/13 – Amy nanaCompany 
7/10/13 – Lisa and Sarah A Spoonful of Sugar 
7/12/13 – Mette Erleperle   
7/15/13 – Sarah and Rachel Roxy Creations
7/17/13 - Anna Noodlehead

I am very sure you will enjoy this event. Happy Zakka Making!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Catching up.

Hello Friends! Long time no see! I am so sorry that I didn't post anything for ........ a month! I had some health problems ( I feel much better now ), and also got pretty busy as usual since its getting close to the end of the school year. Nina had many activities going on in May as well. This post is going to be a summary of the last month for myself. Not much about crafting, but I hope you'll stay with me a little while.

We had lots of rain and storms. Our house was once surrounded by mushrooms!

That means it is the time when plants grow and have lots of blooms. This is my little flower bed I built last Summer. Herbs like Sages and thymes are propagating like crazy! I probably need to expand the bed soon.
A little bouquet of herbs.

Gorgeous arrangement of Common Sage flowers.

Speaking of rain, one evening before a stormy night, We saw this spectacular double rainbow above us! It was a quite big event in this area. I saw many pictures and posts of the rainbow on my Facebook news feed.
Oh, it was something. It didn't look like real. I was so glad I noticed this and able to share this wonderful moment with my family!
I needed to take the photo in panoramic because the rainbow was so huge.

Reflection in our window.

Nina turned eight on May 15th. I am so grateful that she has grown very healthy by now. She is a big girl so she is getting helpful more and more for us, but honestly, I sometimes wish that she would stay eight years old forever. Have you ever thought like this? I love you, Nina. Happy birthday.

Recently, Nina is interested in acting pretty much. She took a drama class at Civic theater and had a performance at a little community theater in the town. The theme of this session was fairy tales. Her role was a wolf and she had many lines to memorize. She did a great job on stage, and I think that gave her more confidence to be in front of people. She really enjoys acting.

Also, she was in the play for the school talent show. It was a back stage story and her role was a director of the show. She had long lines again and she did great. The finale was a dance of "ONE" from "A Chorus Line" by all the kids in the play. They all did a wonderful job. I feel very pleasant every time when I see kids trying their best on something.
Time for autograph!

Ballet school observation day! The lessons are getting harder. It finally got they look practicing real classic ballet. I like that.

School final project. Researching about sea animals. Her animal was Beluga. She worked hard and the finished report was very informative. I learned a lot about Belugas from her report! This is the poster for here report.

Tomorrow is the last day of the school year. Nina and I did a secret project for the surprise party for some one we want to celebrate. I cannot tell you whom this is for. But many people in the class are working on this event. Hope we'll make it successfully!

I am planning to post some tutorials in June. And there will be a fun blog tour and giveaways coming soon. I am working on projects for those. I will be announce that when I am ready! Please come back and check it our. Thank you for stopping by. And Have a wonderful day.