Saturday, November 2, 2013

Totally homemade costume 2013

Good bye October, hello November! Did you have a fun Halloween? I hope you all did.

For this Halloween I sewed a complete costume for Nina. This might be surprising for you since I am a author of a "HANDMADE" themed blog, but I have never sewed her Halloween costume from head to toe. Well, I mostly added some handmade elements to store purchased clothes. (You can see some of our previous Halloween projects here and here.) But this was the first costume I made completely from design sketch and pattern making to finish! (Actually I didn't make a pattern. I used her existent clothes to trace the rough shape on the fabric and eyeballed amount of fullness to add.)

Her request for 2013 was a Jester. (We needed to discuss about several other characters. Then somehow this one made a hit with her.)

(Oh dear, my daughter has a big forehead! That is definitely NOT from myself. )

Her school also had the annual Fall Festival on the Halloween day. All the kids look forward to this event every year. I am so grateful that the event is always organized so well by parents volunteers and the school staff.

We have pumpkin decorating contest every time. Nina didn't enter this year. There were many great entries. Students judge them and vote to the one they think that's the best.

I think many Moms liked this one. A gumball machine! The setting was really nice too. Well done! (Nina told me this won the second prize.)

There were some hilarious ones! I loved this Captain Underpants! Fun fun fun!

And here comes the winner! This is representing a very popular game "MINE CRAFT". Nina plays this game with friends, too. Do your children play this? I really don't understand why this game attracts kids so much. It seems a very simple game. (just building houses with bricks? Well, there are zombies threatening builders, though....) Anyways, I liked this pumpkin. The thing I like about this is that it looks like a kid's art. No perfection, but filled with the KIDNESS : )

I almost forgot to mention this! I made a little zipper clutch with scrap fabrics from Nina's costume. Love the impromptu piece work. I like to have the touch of velvet on my purse. Especially for Winter time.
Thank you for your visit. I hope you all have a great start of the month!