Friday, February 4, 2011

Crochet Tutorial / "Ready for Spring" Garland

About a month ago, I made this crocheted garland for Nina's room. I linked twenty simple motifs together then add a long chain for hanging. It is a very simple project. Nothing is complicated.

What you will need ; Fingering weight yarns (as many colors as you like), a crochet hook size US B/1 or C/2  (UK 12, Japanese 4).
The yarns I used are "Palette" from Knit Picks. I used a Japanese #4 crochet hook which is 2.5mm diameter. There is no 2.5mm hooks in US size. US B/1 is 2.25mm and C/2 is 2.75mm. This project doesn't have to be so accurate in size, so I just suggest to use one of them which you feel comfortable to go with the yarn you selected.

Here is a chart of the motif below. I drew this chart in common way in Japanese crochet patterns. I hope it is clear enough for you to get what you are going to do now.

For the first row / ch8 ; Join with slip st to form ring.

The second row / ch3, 1dc in the center of the ring. Make a picot.( Work three chains, one slip stitch into the top of previous double crochet .) ch 1. Repeat {2dc together, picot, ch1} 11 times. Work a slip stitch joining the last round.

OK, now you have a first motif done. From the second one, you are going to make motifs joining one after one. In the photo below, it is showing  the second motif in half way done. Well, seven picots are done.

Then when you make the eighth picot, work one chain, and one slip stitch through a picot of the first motif you already made.

And one chain, slip stitch into the top of previous stitch (which is {2dc together}).

Then keep working until finish the second motif. After that repeat the same process and link them up as many as you want.

When you connect the third motif (and all of the rest ) to the previous one, make sure that the picot you are going to insert the hook is the sixth picot from one already connected to the previous motif. So you will have even numbers of picots on both sides of two connections.

It is time to add a long chain string for hanging. I used white yarn for the hanging chain.

Ch 7, join with slip st to form ring.
{Ch 10, slip st into the picot of the first motif. ( Follow the picture below.) } Repeat {} to the last motif, then ch 18, slip st into the eighth chain from the end.

Hang two chain rings on the both ends of the string to the hooks on the wall.

Look! Now you made such a pretty crochet garland! Hooray!

To be honest, I have spent hours on writing this little tutorial in English! I am ashamed to say that I am tiered out now. I need to strive for better tutorials in my study of English writing! I wish I improve my English skill a little more. I really appreciate you to read this patiently and keep following my blog . I hope this post gives you some inspirations to you. 

Have a happy crocheting week end you all!


  1. Don't worry, your English is better than many native English speakers! Really! This is a great tutorial and the garland is so pretty, thank you for sharing your ideas.

  2. That's lovely and I'm so impressed at you bloggers who blog in a second language and do it so well. And completely off topic I love the copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar which sneaked in (it took ages before I noticed it was in Japanese).

  3. Thank you sooooooooooo much, Poppyprint and Sebbie! You made my day! Really! I am encouraged to write more tutorials by your words!

    There is a copy of "The little house" by Virginia Lee Burton in Japanese too! That book is my favorite from my childhood.

  4. I love your Blog Hiromi! You are so talented, and Linda and I have an idea that we would love to talk to you about. So when you have time stop by and see us.

  5. Hello Char!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I am so interested in what your idea is! I absolutely will come to talk to you soon.

  6. I love it! I'm try to entry in the crochet world!! but.... It's a little bit complicate for me! hehehehehe.... I think that a need extra help!, my poblem is I don't known read a patterns, well, I emagine that is practice more time, right?. Thank you so much for your tutorial Hiromi!!!.

  7. This is such a great tutorial and I can´t wait to give it a try. Thanks!

  8. Jeanne,
    Thank you for stopping by! I am glad you liked my crochet garland. Enjoy making it and please tell me when you are done!

  9. Dear Hiromi,

    I love your blog and most of all I love your designs! You are such an inspiration and your english is so wonderful! I really enjoy reading your blog you are so cute and you have such a cute loving family. I always look forward to visiting your blog.

    Annie :)