Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hawaiian Beach Totes

I made these tropical beach tote bags for Junk Evolution. Their shop theme for June is "Hawaii" and tomorrow they will reveal their new island themed display at the First Friday! I finished these bags just in time and brought in the shop this morning. I used very tropical fabrics kept for a special occasion!

I love this Hula girls print so much. I waited and waited for a chance for using this fabric and eventually its got a perfect use. How cute these Hula girls dancing under the palm trees are!

The pleated edge is the highlight of this bag. It is pleated and sewed in all by myself! I think this element gave a character to the bag.

There is an inside pocket with the same print as the exterior. The liner is a bright colored cotton canvas.

I reused old webbing belts as bag handles! I wanted to make a new use of those D rings on the end of the belts. You can use them as key chain holders. And I made a detachable felt charm shaped like a Monstera leaf (a tropical foliage plant) just for fun!

The bag is very roomy. Two beach towels can easily fit in.

These two bags will be for sale at Junk Evolution from tomorrow evening. If you are in this area, please check their First Friday event and enjoy the island atmosphere in the shop! ALOHA!

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  1. How nice, what a pity that I am visiting another side of US! The hula dancer is a winner.