Saturday, April 23, 2011

Modern Origami Wall Decor

It has been two weeks since I wrote the last post. I had been pretty busy for about a month to prepare the event and make staff for fund raiser and so on. After those busy days, somehow, my motivation went down very low and I didn't have much energy to face to my PC. I kept working on some custom orders but it is going slow. I think I mentally have been tensed since the Earthquake hit Japan. It was unconscious though, after a month of electric period, I think my nerve got tiered out and needed some quiet time. Then I wanted to do something different. Something very simple that I can really concentrate on it.

Knitting and crocheting help calming myself down sometimes. But this time that was Origami. I made some cool wall decoration with simple origami technique and I want to introduce it to you all. Oh, and I have to tell you that it worked pretty well to recover myself from the minor depression.

These cool geometrical shapes are made of 16 units of origami. Each unit is very easy to make (actually, the red and brown one is made by my 5 year-old daughter!). It only takes half an hour to make one. Do you want to make? OK, I will write a tutorial soon on this blog.

There is another Origami wall decor. Doesn't it look like a piece of contemporary art? I just loved it. The making process was very fun and also easy. It is made of 25 units of origami. I put it up on the wall of Nina's room. I am planning to make some more of this in different colors and sizes for my living room. It seems hard to write how to make this. I might need to take video for the tutorial. I will think of that.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend. Happy Origami making!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Up-cycling Challenge #4

Here comes my "Up-Cycling Challenge #4" Purse! Today's bag is a frame purse made out of an old feed suck. This fabric is given by Char from Junk Evolution. They changes their shop theme every month and they had French Market Month in February. They restored a pair of old ugly chairs using this feed suck and it turned into beautiful swans. Char gave me a little piece of remnant of the feed suck just for reference. Then it inspired me to make one chic frame purse with it. I made this for Char. So I added a cross stitched letter "C" for personalizing it for Char.

Since it was a remnant of a vintage fabric, it had a light stain. So I soaked it in a bowl of coffee and dyed it slightly darker. The stain is still there but I think it blended in.

This is a closer look of the embroidered initial. I cross stitched "C" using wasting canvas and added a little blue flower.

The handles are also made of the feed suck. I didn't waste any of the material! I love the faded red and blue stripes. I added vintage buttons for embellishment.

I am glad I was able to put a pocket with the stripes perfectly placed in line.

I picked out a modern geometric print of cotton canvas for a lining. It is always fun for me to think something surprising for lining.

I used my original pattern for this purse. I made a lot of bags in this style. I like this pattern pretty much so I think I will make more and more in different tastes from now on.

By the way, Char wrote about the event we had Yesterday and myself on their blog. She is giving a lot of compliments to me and it tickles me a little. But I would like to say thank you to them for sharing a wonderful moment with me.

Eventually the Spring break is over! I will have one more Spring cleaning day and be able to go back to sew.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Up-cycling Challenge #3

Today's item of  my "Up-Cycling Challenge" is this Spring-ish tote bag. It is made out of skirts I got from a thrift store. I used A-line shape of the flowery skirt up side down for the bag front. That means I didn't use any patterns.

The flower print is 100% cotton and the plaid one is linen blend. They were quality and in very good condition. I just love the colors of these fabrics.

I picked out a vivid yellow zipper for a pocket in back. It matches very well with the plaid I used for the side of the bag.

And also I made a flower brooch which is detachable. You can put it on your coat, sweater, scarf, or hat etc.

The lining is durable cotton duck canvas. There is one inside pocket and I added a set of magnetic snaps for a closure. It keeps the shape of the bag nice and neat.

I am so excited about taking custom orders on Saturday at Wabi sabi Saturday at Junk Evolution. I will bring in my books and some more purses I made. I am looking forward to seeing customers and friends over there. If you are in Michiana, please come to see me! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Up-cycling Challenge #2

My Up-cycling Challenge #2 was making a neat shoulder bag out of this old wool Jacket (Right in the picture).

I like the masculine look of this herringbone wool. I picked out the red striped ticking for an accent and a lining. This bold combination of the wool and a ticking, somehow brought clean and sophisticated feeling to the bag.

I put the front panels of the jacket to the bag front and utilized pockets in my design. Those pockets are still functioning. Red striped trims and the tuck in center work very well to add an interesting element.

I sewed cotton webbing and wool together to make the shoulder straps. It made the straps durable and also look cool.

There is one pocket inside hanging from the top. On each side of the opening I put a set of magnet snaps to hold the contents safely and adjust the capacity of the bag.

The original label from the lining of the jacket is sewn on the back of the bag. It adds a character to this piece.

This project was a kind of improvisation. I didn't use any patterns. I enjoyed it so much and I really love the result. I would love to have this as my everyday bag. This bag is displayed in the store of Junk Evolution for promotion of the event "Wabi sabi Saturday".

Thank you for reading and hope you all have a beautiful Sunday! Happy Up-cycling! ( Challenge #3 post will be coming soon!)