Monday, June 25, 2012

Sewing for travel #2,3,4 / Passport, Boarding pass bag and more

Since School is over I got busier just like all the Moms are. These projects were done a week ago and I just didn't have any margin for time to update about it. Okay, I made a little bag for carrying only our passports and boarding passes. I have been thinking to make this kind for years every Summer we go to Japan. While checking in (and going through all sorts of the procedures at air ports), it always bothers me getting passports and boarding passes in and out of my purse. This bag sizes just perfect for those contents and  I can wear it as a cross body or a waist pouch. My hands will be free to carry other carry-ons. (And sometimes you need to carry your shoes, you know!)

This bag has three compartments. A zipper pocket in front, a slip pocket in back and a main deep compartment in the middle.

Two passports perfectly fit in the back pocket.

There are two little pockets hiding in the front zipper for storing my very important cards. And also a passport fits in there. My daughter has two passports so I usually need to carry three.

The main compartment is deep enough to hold boarding passes.

Sorry about the quality of the photo in a dark room! A detachable strap makes it a three-way bag. It can be a cross body, a waist pouch and a simple pouch without a strap.

I also made a couple of pouches with laminated cottons. The polka dot one is a pencil case for Nina, and pink floral one is a cosmetic pouch for myself.

Choosing fabric for linings and zipper colors are the most fun part of making little pouches. I always love that process!

The travel to Japan is getting closer and closer. I should start thinking about it more. The time flies amazingly fast!


  1. Great idea! I love the convertible strap idea and your pouches are so cute. I hope you have a wonderful trip and buy up lots of gorgeous fabric while you're there!

  2. I love these items - so practical! I hope you will make them for your shop.