Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garege Sale and Nina's Lemonade Stand

Last Saturday we participated in a big neighborhood garage sale. We have collected lots of stuff in our basement, garage and storage since we moved in this house in 2008. Also we got to have more properties to rent out (this is my husband's another job) . We bought old houses to repair. There usually we find some or lots of things which the former owner left behind. Furniture, light fixtures, and many kinds of knickknacks and so on. And we have some leftover materials used for repairing houses. Tiles, tools, and even windows and doors! So the sale was a really good occasion for us to clean out those things. And we did a pretty good job! So Now our storages look a bit cleaner than before the sale. (^o^)

And there was an exciting event at the sale. Nina opened her first business "Nina's Lemonade Stand". She had fresh cold pink lemonade and homemade yummy sweets.

She decided the prices for her products, and made menu signs all by herself.

There were Nina's Mom's famous chocolate cookies and banana breads. Banana bread was a hit in the morning, because they were perfect breakfast for early morning customers. Then the cookies got very popular later. Once customers tried them, they got to buy more! Its such good cookies! Two customers bought seven of them at once! So there wasn't any left after the sale. Only one unfortunate thing was that we couldn't have a chance to get some leftover cookies!

There were lots of preparation before the sale. Nina and I made a banner for Nina's lemonade stand with some pretty card stocks I had in my stash.

On the colorful solid squares, we glued on some patterned paper strips  in shapes of each letters.

Using paper strips are very simple and fun. Little kids can do this easily. Playing with colors and patterns is so much fun for kids and crafty Moms as well!

We punched small holes in two top corners for threading and connected all the letters with a string.

Nina's good friend Lily came to help the stand. They made up a cute jingle for their shop and sang it to customers out loud several times. That drew applause from the audience. How could you just pass through those cute girls' shop without purchasing anything! Girls, that was a good strategy! You will become tough business women in the future!

Running a lemonade stand was a very good experience. Girls learned many things. Greeting to customers out loud, being careful when pouring lemonade in a cup, counting money and give right amount of change back to customers etc. As a result, the business was a big success. They made about $60 in a day! We shared the profit with four of us since Mommy made the treats, Daddy built the stand, Nina and Lily sold all the things. It was so much fun. We would love to do this again sometime in the Fall or next Summer.

Thank you for reading. Please have a great weekend you all!


  1. I would have bought lemonade and cookies for sure (and maybe banana bread too!!)Well done girls!

  2. What a great experience for the girls, and how sweet this post is!