Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disappering Nine Patch Quilt Top

My new quilt top is almost done. It still needs borders to be attached. I am so happy about the colors I picked. Also I like this pattern so much. I think I would love to make another disappearing nine patch sometime again.

The size of this quilt is going to be about 48"×40". This is going to be my biggest machine quilt so far.

I am still thinking what kind of fabric I should pick for the borders and the back. And what kind of quilting as well. This is a fun part so I will take some more time to think about that.

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Project

I started next quilt project. I got a charm pack of  Moda Verna from the local fabric store. Some solids are Kona which I purchased on line the other day. This will be a small quilt for somebody in Japan. Yes, it is going to be a gift. I can't say whom it is going to yet here. I'm planning to surprise.

I want to make this in a very soft and elegant color scheme, and I already like these colors I chose. I picked "Disappearing Nine Patch" pattern this time. First, I arranged eight 9 patches. One block is made of 5 prints and 4 solids.

Stack all the 72 squares in right order and put some number stickers to organize. Waiting to be sewn.

Sewed nine squares together and one big 9 patch is done.

It feels so gooooood when I concentrated all four corners precisely. ( I'm not sure if this expression is appropriate. I hope you understand.)

Look! Do you feel it too?

I need to make four more 9 patches, but now, they already look very good. I feel it is going to be a pretty quilt!

One of  9 patch I made. Ready to cut.

I divided the big square in four small ones. The small square measures 7" ×7".

16 blocks are done. 16 more to go!

I only finished a half of blocks so this is not the final arrangement. But I couldn't resist trying to arrange them and seeing how they are gonna look like.

I can't wait to finish all blocks. I usually sew when Nina goes to preschool. She goes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. But this week I have something to do on Wednesday. So I have to wait until this Friday to finish these pretty blocks. That is long time to wait!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whirlygiggle Pillow Cover

The second pillow cover is done. I tried "Whirlygiggle" pattern this time. This one is a little bigger (21×21") than another.

Quilting line is a spiral of a straight line which starts at center. But I am not certain if it was appropriate for this pattern. It could have been a curvilinear spiral probably. It was a good lesson.

Those two pillows go together very well.

The back, I sewed a zipper on and it stores the filling neatly. I like it. My family members adore them. It is nice to see someone you love likes stuff you made.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bigger was clever

Last Spring I made this dress which Nina wore for this Easter. It was for her 4th birthday party. I made this dress one size bigger than her actual size. And it was a good decision. It didn't look too big for her one year ago (here you can see pictures), and it fits perfect for her now.

I made a new bow instead of the satin ribbon. I was lucky that I still had this fabric left in my stash.

I hope you can see sequins I embellished on the front skirt.

Nina's 5th birthday is coming in May. I am still thinking if I make a new "a little over sized dress" for her birthday. She could wear this one again........well, maybe I should go shopping. Seeing pretty fabrics will make my motivation up.

What were we doing ?

The bundle of Kona Cotton I ordered online was delivered. I can't wait to use them.

The middle school in our neighborhood has a very nice track to run. We had some races in one beautiful afternoon.

Potawatomi zoo opened on the first Friday in April. We have a membership so we come here pretty often. This is a small zoo and it is very good size for little kids to walk around. You can see all animals and take a little train ride or a pony ride in maybe a couple hours. They are closed in the winter time. So it was fun to say Hi! to all the animal friends (like Ivory the white tiger and Flash the yellow tiger) which are really familiar to us.

Easter egg hunt in the big back yard at Nana & Papa's place with cousins.

Taking pictures with dressed up cousins.

Studying Japanese alphabets. It is an important job for me to keep Nina being bilingual. There is no Japanese school in this area. So Mom has to be a good teacher. It is hard but I will try.

I hope everyone will have a nice weekend.