Saturday, January 7, 2012

Heating Pad Tutorial Harujion Version

I made some heating pads for Holiday gifts and for myself. I searched several tutorials online and found one I like on this Ms.Abbie's blog "The green wife". After I made one following her tutorial, I wanted to change some parts of it to make the process more simple and easier for myself. So this is the Heating Pad Harujion Version.

I have been using this since Christmas. Before I go to bed, I place a heated pad under my comforter just around the area my feet would be. So my feet won't be cold and disturb me falling asleep. It amazingly stays warm for long time. So later, I pick it up from my feet and put it under my shoulder. This thing works super for me. I am thinking to make one in a different shape for only my feet.

My tutorial is here in my Flickr set "Heating Pad Tutorial Harujion Version". I hope it would work for you as well. Happy warm sewing!

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