Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crochet Shamrock Necklace Tutorial

We had a very quick spring storm this evening here in Michiana. It seems Spring is right around the corner. But I heard a weather forecast that says we are gonna have some snow in the end of March. I guess I need to wait sowing flowers in my yard awhile.

By the way, this post is about sharing the tutorial for making a crocheted necklace with shamrock (clover) motifs. I uploaded the tutorial here in my Flickr pool with a lot of pictures so it is supposed to be explicit pretty much. These are some photos of the necklaces I made last week. There is only one lucky crocheted four-leaves-shamrock hiding in each necklace:D It would be fun to embellish your finished product with beads and charms as well.

There is a couple ways to wear this necklace like what you can see in the pictures below.

I added some beads from my stash and it gave some more weight and character to the necklace.

A chart is included in the tutorial. It is written in Japanese manner (in English!). The pattern is very simple. You are going to use only three stitches for this project. Chain stitch, double crochet, and slip stitch. To see the chart,  please click the picture below.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and finish your project soon. This item is perfect for a St.Paddy's day gift, or wearing with your Spring outfits. This project is also very handy and quick so you can carry them wherever you go and make more and more in short time! Right now I am making one in red shade. Changing color would make the item looks very different. Make your own one of a kind!

Happy Crocheting. Have a wonderful week!


  1. this would be beautiful in any color! thank you!

  2. I love the look of the scarf---just hate the way the instructions are given. I am visually challenged so I
    prefer having written words. The chart is way too small
    for me to see. Even clicking it--it appears as a small
    pattern on a dark gray background so I can't even read
    it. Darn---I was really wanting to make a few--for me
    and as gifts.

    1. Hello Dragonswing,
      Thank you for stopping by. And sorry that you could not find the bigger image of the chart. Please go to the tutorial set in my Flickr site, Click the thumbnail of the chart. You will see the individual image in the black back ground. Look at the upper right of the screen, there is " View all sizes" button. Click that. There you can pick any size you want to see. Sorry about the complicated system. Hope you still are interested in making one!

  3. I cant seem to find the begin arrow on the illustration. i would love to do one like this, help !:(