Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dragonfly Custom Bag

In February I have gotten an custom bag order from Marjorie who is my dear blog reader. It was for her birthday gift and if my memory was correct her birthday will be in June. I have sent the finished product to her at the beginning  of May. I have been wanting to share the story and pictures of this bag in this blog, but I couldn't because I've been occupied in preparing a couple of events and working on trivial family affairs.

By the way, this is the custom bag I made for Marjorie. We consulted about the design via email many times. I took time to make sure what I am thinking is according to her idea. The main theme of this bag was a Dragonfly. She told me that she adore items which have dragonfly on it. And the bag will be used as an "everything bag"  for her everyday life.

I embroidered a dragonfly on the front. I used sear organza for wings (it is hard to see in the picture though) and trimmed them with silver metallic floss. The color theme was "Jewel tone". I used emerald green, turquoise and cranberry red etc. The wings are embellished with some sequins which are in Jewel tone color scheme as well.

This is the sketch I sent to Marjorie after we discussed about the design. We talked about fabrics and the structure very well. The final piece looks pretty much the same as this drawing.

I made the handles a little long so it can be held from her shoulder. Fleece is sewn in the handles so it must be sturdy and also gentle to shoulders. There is a simple pocket on the back.

Having a center divider with a zipper was her request and also two other inside pockets were required. I am glad that the pistachio green worked very well in this color scheme. I usually don't use vivid pink widely like this but with this green, it looks nice and very fun. There is a set of tabs with magnetic snaps for a closure.

I got email from her after she received this bag and she says she likes it. I hope she still likes it and is enjoying to use it everyday as much as I enjoyed making it. Happy Birthday Marjorie.

*** I currently am not taking full custom orders. I may take semi custom orders but it will depend on my situation. Please contact me via email (hibilabo at gmail dot com) if you have any questions.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We should do it again!

My second Wabi Sabi Saturday is successfully done! I did a little workshop of how to use Furoshiki (Japanese traditional wrapping cloth) at Junk Evolution in downtown South Bend. Many people came in and are very impressed that how much we can do with a simple sheet of square fabric. I showed how to make pretty purses with no sewing and other wrapping techniques . All the items on the table are made with Furoshiki. Most people couldn't tell it is just a flat square fabric when they sew these first.

I also sold these handmade Furoshiki. I had three different sizes. The large ones were most popular today. I wish I had more of large ones. I will make some more and deliver them in the store next week.

I know, it is hard to believe that this elegant hand bag is made by making only four knots. But it really is. I just added a corsage as a finishing touch.

I used a set of ring handles to make this chic bag. You can find handles like these at craft stores. But actually these handles are handmade by myself. I used plumbing tubes which I got from Home Depot.

You can wrap two wine bottles in one Furoshiki. The material is synthetic chiffon. It is a great gift wrapping and also practical. You can carry two tall bottles in one hand.

This versatile shoulder bag is made by making only three knots. I put a elastic ponytale band with flowers to secure the opening.

I forgot to take a picture of it but I showed a simple technique to wrap and carry a rolled Yoga mat. And it was very popular. I found out there is a big population of people taking Yoga or Pilates classes in the world! I hope I will have a chance to show you how to wrap a Yoga mat sometime.

And here is a picture of a little corner of my favorite store Junk Evolution. They are great decorators, "re-makers" and artists. They change the store themes every month and always have something new. I love their taste and it is always fun to hang around with them. I am so glad to have a chance to involve in some fun events with them.

We had a very good feeling about this Furoshiki event. We talked about having another one maybe in fall or before Christmas. I think it will be great if we can combine gift shopping and gift wrapping with Furoshiki for Holidays. It is so exciting.

You still can get Furoshiki at Junk Evolution and it comes with a brochure of instruction.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Furoshiki (Japanese Wrapping Cloth) is coming to Wabi Sabi Saturday!

I am going to have the second Wabi Sabi Saturday event at Junk Evolution in down town South Bend this Saturday. The theme of this month Wabi Sabi is Furoshiki. It is pronounced like " Who, Law, She, Key". Furoshiki is Japanese traditional wrapping cloth. I have been loving Furoshiki and using them a lot for everyday life. In this event I would like to introduce Furoshiki and let people know how come I like it so much. 

Furoshiki has been used to wrap and carry everything people use in daily life in Japan. It is also used for wrapping gifts and there are so many more uses. It is a simple square cloth, but quite functional. Furoshiki can wrap any shapes, and the most fun part of Furoshiki is that it has many ways to wrap stuff.  Furoshiki can be a stylish bag in a minute even without sewing. You can make various styles of bags. 

Recently it is evaluated as an ecological item in the world. Furoshiki is reusable. And it can be very compact when it is not in use. I always have a couple of folded large Furoshiki in my luggage when I travel. If you always had one in the bottom of your purse, it can be a extra shopping bag anytime when you need it. You can reduce consumption of plastic bags. When I moved in the US, I was surprised that people consume so much wrapping papers for birthdays and some other occasions. Wrap a gift with a piece of fabric. Then it will be used again and again. And it makes your gift very special and unforgettable as well.

I will demonstrate how to use Furoshiki in this event. I'll show you making little purses and big shoulder bags and also some ways to wrap gifts and other things. I will also be selling some Furoshiki I made in my studio. You still can buy my Furoshiki after this event for a while at Junk Evolution. The product will come with a brochure of how to use Furoshiki. It is pretty simple. So you just try it and I think you will like it (If you like to live green and also stylish!).

Saturday May 21st, 11:00am-1:00pm, @ Junk Evolution
528 Colfax Ave. South Bend, IN 46617

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's day

This is what Nina made at school for Mother's day.


You will know what kind of person I am by reading this note. Nina answered all the questions about me.

There was a pretty paper teacup came with the note. It had a tea bag in it. I enjoyed lovely tea time by myself  last night after everyone went to bed. What a thoughtful gift! 

I love the picture on the tea cup.

Oh, and I made this messenger bag for my Mother in law.
Happy Mother's day for all Moms in the world.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Origami Wall Decor Tutorial

Sorry that I let you wait, but I eventually wrote a tutorial for the Origami Wall Decor I introduced a couple weeks ago. It could be very long post and I have a lot of pictures for the tutorial. So I wrote it on my Flickr in Origami Wall Decor tutorial Set. This is a very fun project and also so easy. Please check it out and I hope all of you will enjoy it!

Happy Origami Thursday!