Friday, June 28, 2013

Tutorial / Reversible patchwork spiral basket

Today I want to share a fun tutorial for making small fabric baskets. The finished size of the basket is 7cm(w) x7cm(d) x9cm(h). This project is perfect for consuming your scrap fabric. Also these baskets are reversible. One side has a spiral patchwork pattern with four strips of quilting weight cotton fabric. The other side is just a single piece of home decor fabric. This project is very easy and quick. I hand-sewed these baskets in the picture. But of course you can use your sewing machine. It would be much quicker like a flurry of wind! And small fabric baskets are versatile. So you would want to make more and more! The tutorial with tons of pictures are here in my Flickr set. I hope you'll enjoy making it! Have fun!


  1. Hiromi, sou admiradora do seu trabalho! Gosto principalmente dos bordados que são minha grande paixão. Sua filhinha é um amor e gosto também de ler as coisas que você escreve!
    Também não leio sua língua e uso o Sr.Google para me ajudar e as vezes ele complica tudo (risada).
    Vou tentar mandar a mensagem traduzida agora e futuramente, ok?
    Obrigada pela sua visita e pelas palavras amáveis.
    O cestinho de tecido é muito bonito e prático!
    Um grande abraço para você!

    Hiromi, I am an admirer of your work! I especially like the embroideries which are my passion. His daughter is a love and also like to read the things you write!
    Also do not read their language and use Sr.Google to help me and sometimes it complicates everything (laugh).
    I will try to send the message translated now and in the future, ok?
    Thank you for your visit and for the kind words.
    The bassinet fabric is very beautiful and practical!
    A big hug for you!

  2. I looooove these! Thanks so much for the tutorial. Just added you to my favorite blogs section on Feedly so I'll see your new posts.