Friday, June 15, 2012

Sewing for Travel #1 / 17" Laptop Case

We are planning to visit my family and friends in Japan this Summer again. So I am trying to get ready for it slowly especially with sewing things relative to the travel. I got a new laptop this winter and it has a 17" wide screen. Carrying a heavy laptop over seas is always a big trouble for me. I wish I could buy another one which is more portable for traveling but we cannot afford it for the moment. And also I cannot find a case I like for my big Toshiba. Well, Okay, if I cannot buy it I have to make it.

I had these 3mm thick quality felt sheets. I purchased them in Japan last Summer when I was there. I have been thinking what I should make with them, and it is the time to make good use of it.

The closure is a simple pair of large snaps. There are many products using Velcro, but I usually try to use alternatives. Those tapes pick up particles of little trash. And also I am afraid of scratching the contents with those rough surface of the tape when getting things in and out of the bag.

3mm thick felt was pretty tough to sew with my machine. I needed to undo it a couple times when it got three layers in the seam.

I designed it very simple. It might be too plain. But I like it. I like the colors. And I like the square shape of the closure. I am thinking of making a cross body type bag to carry the laptop and some other belongings on a plane.

Oh, I cannot forget to tell you that the number of followers of this blog has reached to 100! Yeah! Thank you so much to be a reader and interested in what I am doing. All of you encourage and inspire me to create. I am planning to have a little giveaway soon for celebrating 100 followers. I have not decided when and what I want to give, but it will be coming soon. So please stay tuned.

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend and ..... HAPPY SEWING!

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  1. I've been reading your blog for quite some time now. Well, mostly just to look at pictures for inspiration. Lol. Congrats for the numbers of followers, it already reaches 150! I can assure you you have more nofficial followers than that (I'm one of them. I don't use that follow button because I don't have a blogger page). Hope your number of readers keeps increasing. Btw, I love to see your work! Keep up the creativity! :)