Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not "Animals". It's Stuffed ........ "Teachers!"

My daughter Nina graduated from Kindergarten last week. I can't believe it has already been one year since the first day when she got on the big yellow school bus. She was so excited and so was I. At the same time I was a little worried like many Moms might have felt on that day. But once her school life started my anxiety was blown off. She loved her classmates,  learning new things, and riding her bus every day. The school she goes is trying to cooperate with parents as much. Many parents get involved classes, lunch time, and school events. The principal and Teachers are very enthusiastic and very good friends of students. My husband and I are so glad that it seems we chose a right school for our daughter.

Nina and I wanted to express our thanks to her teachers. We considered and decided to make these stuffed dolls which look like her teachers. We call them "Stuffed Teachers".

Actually a project of making stuffed animals collaborating with Nina has done a couple month ago. We made this dog in April and we enjoyed the process pretty much.

I asked Nina to draw an animal on a unbleached linen look cotton with fabric markers. ( This time it wasn't an animal. It was "teachers".) I think Nina captured her teachers' character pretty well. I like her drawing because it is very honest and there is no waver.  I simply sewed front and back fabrics right sides together along a bit out of outline of her drawing.
I made a inch of slash on the back to turn it over. Filled it with synthetic stuffing then closed the slash with fine hand stitches. The backs of dolls were drawn after this step.

I wrapped these adorable stuffed teachers and thank you notes in cello bags. For the bows I used left over fabric as ribbons.

We loved you so much Mrs. B and Mrs. S. Thank you so much for your help. We will miss you and hope to see you in school next year too.With Love, Nina and Mom.

I like to make animals with my kid in this method. It is simple but very creative way to play with your little ones. Sewing part has to be Moms' job. Kids can fill stuffing and they will love it. If you like to sew and need something entertain your kids (especially in this time of the year ) this will be a fun project. We certainly will make some more animals (or people) in this Summer. I hope you try and enjoy it! Happy crafting with Kids!


  1. óóóóóóóóóóóó....ez nagyon jó ötlet...:)))

  2. Such a sweet and personal gift!


    PS have a great trip!

  3. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation:)
    The dalls look so adrable! That's such a wonderful gift. I love the dog too. You both did a great job!