Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just in time!

We had Nina's birthday party on Memorial day. Before that, we decided to refinish the wall of the guest bathroom upstairs. I was a little worried if we could finish that in time. But we made it after all.

I was afraid that it would be too shocking for you seeing a "Before" picture first in this post. So this is a picture of "After". Now, please get ready to see some ugly stuff under here.

The 40 years old fancy wall paper needed to go. Fortunately the wall paper came off pretty easy, then we needed to clean the wall caked with a remnant of glue.

Our little girl helped her Dad sanding, painting, and tearing away the painters tapes.

She believes she is helping. Actually it was a big help that she didn't spill any paint from her little paint bucket.

We replaced the pendant lights too. At the beginning, we were not going to replace them since they were still working. But I accidentally broke one when I was tearing out the wallpapers!  Oops-a-daisy! (Hey, I really didn't mean it! Honestly.) Well..... They were very retro and kinda nostalgic, but also dated. The picture above is the old ones before I broke.

I hope you can see the new lights. We are planning to replace the counter, the cabinet and the floor. Maybe the mirror too. But we still don't know when.  I hope we will have a whole remodeled bathroom by next summer.


  1. When we re-did our bathroom, instead of replacing the mirror we put a frame around it made out of molding. We simply glued the wood to the glass. It looked pretty good.

  2. Hi Sine,
    Putting a frame around the mirror was absolutely in my mind! I have seen that on TV before and I thought that is one smart idea. That must be very effective for decorating a big simple (boring) mirror like ours. Thank you!