Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pebble Quilting in Progress / Silver Beach @ Lake Michigan

My "pebble quilting" for Nina's quilt is halfway finished. I needed to try different needles several times to conciliate my old singer, and it didn't work very well. Then I finally found that changing stitch length from "0" to "1" works a little better to steady stitches by trial and errors. Well, that might sound funny to many other quilters though,  I think every machine has respective strange manners. I would need to make many experiments like this until I get the latest machine someday.

I hope you can see the quilt lines and CANNOT see my uneven stitches.

We had very unusual and strange weather in June this year. Because of the frequent attacks of nasty storms. We had a thunder storm which brought a lot of rain this morning too. My husband needed to run down stairs  to stop up the drain pipe in the basement. But we had a couple of nice days last week.

Yesterday afternoon we got an idea to head to a beach and enjoy the good weather we've been missing. We went to Silver Beach of Lake Michigan. It was my first visit to that beach.The beach was much nicer than I expected. There were a good size of play ground, a water fountain park, and a very pretty Merry-go-round. It is a very family friendly beach. Beautiful. Nina enjoyed playing with waves and digging sand. I loved this beach.

The water was pretty warm.

This is the sky which we played under it. I was going to catch a flying sea gull in this picture but I failed it.  I think we should be back here under this perfect blue sky two more times in this Summer.


  1. The pebble quilting looks great! You make me want to give it a try!

  2. Thank you Sina!
    The quilt has been finished yesterday! I already washed that once and am going to take pictures today. I will show you the pics hopefully tomorrow. The pebble quilting was so much fun after all. I suggest you to try it. I hope you will like it too!