Friday, June 18, 2010

a Quilt for Nina

I have been working on a quilt for Nina. When I finished this quilt and said that is going to her cousin's house, Nina looked very envious of that. Then I promised her that the next one will be hers. I started this project maybe a month ago. (I even don't remember when. It seems long time ago!) It is going very slowly but I am trying to sit in front of my machine if I have 15 minutes. And at last I finished the quilt top and the pieced back.

I used Moda tweet tweet collection for squares and Kona cottons for frames. I wasn't sure the color schemes for frames are right because I just got colors from my stash. I probably should have gotten new solids for this project but I didn't have time to take trouble to pick out colors. Then, when I looked the finished top, I thought it isn't so bad. Maybe, I like it. I have to wait it to be all done to tell if I really like it. Have you ever felt like me before? I guess many quilters (or many crafters) have had that kind of experiences.

Anyway I am having fun with this. Here is the backing for this quilt. I picked "Summer Song" from Riley Blake Design for the background. I am so glad my local fabric store had this fabric and I found it. The color matches very well with tweet prints and the cheerful daisies are a perfect feature for a happy 5 years old girl!

I added a border of 2" squares of tweets in the background of Kona snow. It looks great! I might like the backing better than my top.........

 Unfortunately my machine is discontented with quilting this quilt. It was working OK last time I freemotion-quilted. ???  I am going try different needles and threads. It is going to be "pebble quilting" which I am gonna try for the first time. I am excited about it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love this quilt! My machine seems to be discontented with quilting all of my quilts....or could it just be me? :) I have not mastered free motion quilting yet, but the last one you did looked great! Can't wait to see this one done.

  2. Hi Sina,
    I tried quilting with different kinds of needles today. It seems working better than before. I hope I can show you the finished quilt soon! Thank You!