Monday, June 21, 2010

Again? Yes, It was more powerful.

On Friday, right after I uploaded the last post, we had a big thunder storm AGAIN! This one was much more powerful than the last one we had a week ago. And we had TWO BIGGER trees fell down on our driveway AGAIN! And fortunately it didn't hit the house (broke the gutter and a garage window glass though) AGAIN!
Here is a video. You probably won't tell what I am saying in this video (I am speaking Japanese) but you can tell how strong the wind was.

I am glad that we are all fine. The fallen trees are already removed by the tree removing guy we trust. Our yard still looks messy. It will be fixed by tomorrow I hope.


  1. Wow! That must have been some storm! Scary too I imagine! Glad you and your family are ok.

  2. Thank you Sina.
    When we were waiting for the storm going away in the basement, my daughter was so scared of thunders and tornado. She was holding her stuffed animals in her arms and said "It is good that we don't have earthquakes here in South Bend." She has experienced only one little earthquake in Japan before. I haven't thought the earthquake scared her that much. I thought it was funny.