Friday, May 28, 2010

Applique of "Liger?"or "Tion?" / Estate sale love

 I am doing another project with my girl. This is going to be a birthday gift for the best friend of my Mother in law's Vivian.  This time I picked applique to attach Nina's artwork. She drew an animal I asked for, it was a lion because Vivian traveled south Africa recently and she showed some pictures of Lions she saw in Africa. As Nina carried on her crayons the Lion transformed into a Tiger which is her favorite animal. You can see the vestige of the lion's mane.
 A tiger on Denyse schmidt's County Fair.

Apply the tiger piece on the base with slip stitches.

I added a flower and a heart.

I have not decided to make this into a zipper porch or small tote. I don't have much time for sewing since Nina's school was over. She always needs her Mom to play with. Probably I need to wake up earlier or stay up later  for finishing this project.

Changing subject, there is an estate sale going on this week in my neighborhood. We went on the first day and I got these things which are sold for very reasonable prices. Today is the last day of the sale so we are going to check out if other expensive stuff we liked are still there and the prices dropped. I love garage sales and estate sales. This is  one of my favorite activities in this country.

$15 total. Yey!

Nina found this little dish. She really liked it and guess what? This was made in Japan. This kind of thing happens to me when I find something I like at antique malls. I thought that's funny.

And the Anniversary Giveaway is still going on my other blog. If you have not entered yet please check this post out and join it.

Have a good week end!

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