Friday, June 11, 2010

After a bad storm

We had a awful rain storm last Saturday midnight. And the drain overflowed in our basement ( where my sewing room is ). It wasn't really severe flood, but we needed to move everything away from the basement floor and the cleaning took for four whole hours. Then next morning the old tree in our backyard fell down. It is already cleaned up on Wednesday though. Well, nobody got injured and the tree didn't hit the house. And the basement looks cleaner than before so I think we probably should be happy after all.

By the way, I have been making stuff very slowly since it seemed the summer has come to this area. There are some pictures what I am working on these days.

In early spring, I purchased a bunch of fingering weight yarns (named Pallette Yarn) from Knit Picks. They are all in different colors one by one. The original plan for those yarns was making something with crocheted motifs. I tried several motif patterns, but at that time I didn't make anything I really liked. So the yarns were sitting in the cardboard box for months. Then one day, I thought I should start a project which I can work on anytime when I find a little spare time. Something I don't need to go down to the basement to spread a big piece of fabric or sit in front of my machine for making it. So I started this ZigZag crochet just for fun.

 Does it look like a rainbow? Right now it improved a little more. It has seven different colors now. I still don't know exactly what it is gonna be. This could be a fun scarf for Nina, or if I were patient enough, could be a delightful blanket.

 It goes like one or two rows everyday, but it is very nice to have a project which let you move your hands when you are watching some cartoon shows with your little ones.

And I finished another collaboration pouch project with my daughter Nina. I used Denyse Schmidt's fabric for the background of the applique. The lining is a polka dot cotton I brought from Japan. I usually use light colored fabrics for linings of bags and pouches. I have had many experiences that I couldn't find things in my bag when I really needed it right away. You know, something like house keys, car keys or a cellphone. Especially in the dark it is hard to find stuff hiding in the dark-color-lined hand bag. That is why I prefer light color for linings. (I like partitioned inside pockets, too.)

It is actually very late for Vivian's birthday, but I am sure she will like this gift from me and Nina. (She is so nice.)

Hope everybody will have a good weekend!

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