Monday, November 7, 2011

Beaded Ring Making Class @ Junk Evolution

I am going to have a class for making beaded rings tomorrow evening at Junk Evolution. I brought back ring supplies from Japan for the classes. There is a info about the class in Junk Evolution's blog. The class for tomorrow is already filled but we are considering to have another class next Tuesday again if there is more applicants. The cost is $20 and that includes all the materials you will need. If you live in Michiana area and be interested in making these pretty rings, please contact Char of Junk Evolution from their blog.

I prepared ring making kits in different colors. Participants will be able to pick their favorite color.

I am looking forward to see the class tomorrow and next week! Happy jewelry making!


  1. The beaded ring looks gorgeous. I wish I could attend, only if I had lived in the area!! Good luck to you for your class - I know it will be a huge success!! Love, Amy

  2. Thanks Amy,
    This is officially going to be my first class in US! I had been teaching craft many years in Tokyo, but I am still a bit nervous before the class! I am sure eventually I will have fun. Please cross fingers for me!