Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Contests of Halloween

I usually try to put a pretty picture on the top of my post to catch your eye. Today..... I am sorry that I put the ugliest picture up here! But it is Halloween! I bet you have some ugly eeeewwwwooohish stuff around your house as well!

This ghostly green witch is Nina's creation for entering Pumpkin decoration (without carving) contest in her school. The winner have been decided by students' vote and she didn't get a prize but we had so much fun at the annual Fall Festival at school.

Nina got this pumpkin which has a bump just looking like a nose. Then she decided to make it a scary ugly witch's face. I helped to find a hat, bloom, and yarn for hair, and spray green paint on the face.

This year, I expected Nina to be a Super Hero Girl like a Wonder Girl. I have been thinking making a super girl suits. But in the last minute, she changed her mind to become an angel. So the costume project got to be really a last minute whipping up. I just made some slits on a white square satin fabric and tied it above her both shoulders. I thought it looks kinda cheap but it seems to barely worked. Because she won the prize for the prettiest costume at the Halloween party at her grand parents' church!

Please enjoy my photo gallery of Nina's school pumpkin decoration contest entries. There were some very good ones I was impressed.

Thank you for reading and hope you all have a great Halloween and Trick or Treating!

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