Saturday, November 12, 2011

Restoring an old day bed

One day we found an old day bed which has beautiful woodwork at my favorite local vintage shop Junk Evolution. The wood part was shabby and faded, and the seat was covered with soiled black canvas. The design looked pretty much arts and crafts style which is we really like. And the best thing for us was it was a bargain! I don't remember exact price but it was around $32-35. We grabbed it right away of course. Then Tim refinished wood part and the frame regained the beautiful color and shine. Then, it had to be sitting in the basement waiting for me to re-upholster the seat for months......

After several abandoned months, eventually I finished it. Unfortunately I cannot find the pictures of original figure of this item. I am afraid that I lost some pics when I transported my data to new PC from old one.

Anyways, I re-covered the spring with this mid-century themed upholstery fabric. I didn't have enough fabric for making additional cushions (the bed didn't have top form parts so I needed to make those) so it stayed in the basement for a while again until I get an appropriate fabric for finishing this project.

Eventually, I got this cool dark gray upholstery fabric in 50% off price (!) and made two blocks of form parts for the top.

We had a big old form in a pretty good shape. I know it looks dirty. But in fact, it is just old not really dirty. I cut it  into two blocks with the utility knife and it was amazingly easier than I thought. Then I sewed the covers.

Before starting this project, I decided to change the color theme in the living room. Yellow and Gray. Yellow has not been my comfortable color to live with. But I don't know what is happening in myself, I am getting to like this color. Red and Orange are also getting my heart too. I needed to embellish this reborn day bed. So I made some new pillow covers in Yellow.

This fantastic Yellow x Gray fabric was on the clearance wagon in the fabric store. It was only $3/yard! How lucky I was! I guess you already noticed that the pillow color is perfectly matching with my messy front yard in the color of fall maple leaves!  I just love this view from my picture windows in my living room in this season.

I had some more this fabric left. So I made a coordinated fabric panel for the wall. (Just covered a art canvas.)

The day bed is now very popular place to snuggle around. It is soft and comfortable. And also looks so cool especially from the front yard in the picture windows.

We already had the first snow here in South Bend. It didn't stick on the ground at all. But I feel the Winter is just around the corner. Winter time, it is very important to keep home very warm and comfortable. We are planning some home improvement projects for our home this Winter.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a good weekend and stay nice and warm.


  1. This looks fantastic Hiromi! I love your color choice and fabrics.

  2. Thanks Char! The orange pillow I purchased at your shop is now in our Family room. I am trying to warm the room up for family to gather in snowy winter night.

  3. where did you buy the yellow and gray fabric? i have been looking for a fabric with that colour theme forever,

    1. Hi Ms.Anonymous,
      I think I got this fabric from Hancock fabrics. But Hancock in my area doesn't carry it anymore. There was the same pattern in different colors when I was there a couple days ago.