Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beaded bouquet brooch / Furoshiki workshop

This pretty beaded brooch looks like a flower bouquet is for a order from my mother in law. This is going to be a Christmas gift for someone (again, it has to be surprise so I cannot tell for whom). It is going to be given on the Thanksgiving day when we visit our relatives in Southern Indiana. So I finished it a bit early.

I used various shapes and kinds of beads. And colors as well. This project was improvisation like many of my pieces are. I am glad it eventually turned to look like a bouquet of delightful flowers. The brilliant details are suitable for a holiday gift.

 The base of the brooch is made in Japan. I brought these back from Japan years ago. The part has many holes on the top so you could embellish it with any beads and charms using beading threads or wires.

 I covered the lid of a little gift box with Japanese Origami paper. And the brooch is ready to go.

By the way, I had a Furoshiki (Japanese traditional wrapping cloth) workshop yesterday. It was a sudden offer so I couldn't prepare so many samples. But I got many good reactions. Many people were interested in wrapping gifts and making bags with Furoshiki. I am going to have another workshop on December 3rd.   There are some customers already predicted coming back to learn more.


  1. That's a beautiful brooch! I'm sure that the person who gets it will love the brooch. Furoshiki wrapping must be a good idea for holiday seasons. Gifts with Furoshiki will get a lot of attention from others:)

  2. I was just looking at fabrics so I could wrap my gifts furoshiki-style this year. Yours are so pretty and the brooch is gorgeous. The backing is very clever to have holes as so often glue doesn't hold adequately. Lovely ideas as always, Hiromi!

  3. Portulaka,
    Yes, that is the point! Furoshiki wrapped gifts will look very unique and scrumptious!

    The process of picking out the fabric is fun, isn't it? Thant is a part of Furoshiki gift giving!