Friday, July 2, 2010

Finished the tweet quilt for Nina!

The quilt for Nina is done yesterday! I thought it would take longer to finish, but one day I started quilting after my family went to bed and I couldn't leave the seat in front of my machine. Unexpectedly I finished quilting that night at 2 am. Then I found some time to finish binding yesterday and Ta-da! Here it is!

It could have had some more pink as a girl's quilt. But I am pretty happy with these cheerful colors and Nina liked them as well.

The backing is my favorite! I am so glad that the piecing turned out an effective accent of this quilt.

I used a polka dot print from my stash for the binding.

I love the wrinkled look of the quilt after it went through the water.

I eventually conciliated my old Singer with using #16 needles for quilting. You can see the evolution of my pebble quilting from where I started to where I finished.

The size is about 33×41". Contented lying on her brand-new tweet quilt under the tree.

I hope Nina will keep loving the quilt as much as she loves her stuffed animals.
I already want to start making next quilt. I am indeed obsessed with making quilts!


  1. Lovely quilt. Nina is one lucky girl!

  2. You are really quick! Nina looks so happy with her new quilt! I use Schmetz machine quilting needles in sizes 75/11 and 90/14. I tried some sample pebbles yesterday and had a lot of fun!

  3. Hi Natalie. Thank you for your comment and becoming the follower! I am sure that you hove lucky children in your home!

    Hey Sina! I am so glad you tried pebbles and had fun. We are fellows at expedition of the quilt world! Thank you buddy!

  4. So pretty and well sewn !