Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sashiko pouches

These are the finished products. I made these Sashiko in practical pouches. These are going to be sold at Junk Evolution in April which is the month of Asia in their theme. I am still working on other Japanese themed Zakka items. And I am also planning to have a workshop for making Origami Crane and Balloon mobile in April.

My Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom tree) is in full bloom! It is so much earlier than average, but we surely are enjoying this great weather in beautiful South Bend, Indiana! I hope you all are having beautiful Spring days too!


  1. The bags you've made are so pretty! I love how the sashiko embroidery looks both old and new at the same time - both modern and old-fashioned, or stylish and vintage simultaneously. Could you please explain to me what zakka refers to exactly? Is it any type of handmade item?

    1. Thank you Kimi! The term of Zakka refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance. There is a pretty good (and simple) explanation about Zakka in Wiki.


      I hope you get some ideas about what Zakka is from the description.