Sunday, March 2, 2014

French/Asian Fusion Style @ JE!

It's March! It is March, everyone! I yell that just in case you have not realized that. ;-) Well, hearing the word "March" usually makes me feel the approach of Spring, but this year I do not have any of that feeling yet. At all. We just had about three inches of snow last night and there is thick ice remaining on our roof. I don't hate Winter. But I think we had more than enough "Winter" until now for longing to feel a hint of Spring.

In the meanwhile, many Spring themed events will be coming in town this month. I will be featured as a guest artist at Junk Evolution in March again. They change their theme every single month (that must be a lot of work for them. And that makes their shop so awesome!)  and this month's theme is "French/Asian Fusion Style". I will bring in many of my new work and also have a sewing workshop there on March 26th. If you are close by and interested in the workshop, please contact Junk Evolution asap because a number of seats are limited and it goes quickly. Their contact info is in their website and facebook page.

I am going to share some items I have been working on for selling at Junk Evolution this month. I made both "Spring" and "Japan" themed items.

There will be some cute jewelries which bring a sweet smell of early spring to you. I hope.

Very delicate crocheted necklace.

There are more of different kinds of crocheted motif necklaces.
So tiny motifs! I used very fine lace thread imported from Japan.

Say farewell to snowflakes. I made them in sugary pale colors. I also put tiny flowers, shamrocks and little hearts (beads) together.

In "Japan" theme, I did a bit of modern Sashiko embroidery stitching too. I have been introducing Japanese traditional handwork in modern style.

I stitched traditional "Juuji Hanazashi (cross and flower stitch)" and made iphone cases with them.

The case has a crocheted handle which is detachable on one side so you can attach the case on your bag handle! I often lose my phone in my bag. This function would rescue you form that issue if you have the same problem as mine!

These items will be available to purchase at Junk Evolution from First Friday on March 7th. You will see these pretty kiss lock purses (picture below) made with antique Kimono silk as well! There will be more of my stuff. They are all one of a kind. So please do not miss the chance if you are interested in them!

I hope you started your new month happily whatever kind of weather you have. There is no Winter which never ends. I am telling that to myself!! Happy making!!


  1. I'm coming for those shamrock necklaces, Hiromi!

  2. Tina! Thanks for stopping by. I will make more if they sell quickly. We'll see.......