Monday, February 17, 2014

Writing in "KNIT MARCHE" the Japanese magazine

I started writing serial columns in "Knit Marche" the Japanese knitting and crocheting magazine. I am going to write about various fun topics about crafting (mainly knitting and crocheting) in the US. My first work is already issued on Valentine's day in Japan. This time I wrote a little about reading knitting and crocheting patterns in English and some of my stories with photos which are taken in my studio.

"Knit Marche" is well known among Japanese knitters as a very informative magazine with cute, quality designs and clear instructions. (most Japanese craft books have good instructions, though.) In this 2014 Spring issue (Vol.17) there are so many pretty projects which I wish to start working right away! There are many beautiful lacy cardigans, shawls. Also attractive small items like bead-crocheted pouches and jewelries. You are able to see the projects in this issue here in their website. Enjoy!