Monday, February 10, 2014

Catching Up. Productive Month!

I had a pretty much productive month. I finished a couple of knitting projects and items for consignment, and it seems I have not gotten exhausted yet (Amazing!) Got more energy to keep going!!

I love the result of this scarf pattern! I used up all of these grey balls in my stash which has been resting for many many many years. I think there were six 50g balls. I am hoping to have a chance sharing this pattern here sometime.

Also finished another pair of leg warmers in ballet pink for Nina. They are very soft and sweet (material is acrylic yarns for babies). Perfectly fit her legs. She loves them and is using them twice a week at her ballet class. I am so glad I finished these before the weather here got insane. School already had seven snow days after the winter recess. Because of extreme low temperature. I am tired of cold weather, but meanwhile, we also are enjoying cross country skiing, building icicle sculpture (I will show the photos of it soon), sledding and so on.

I'm working on my Japan themed items for next month consignment for Junk Evolution. Also planning a sewing class as well. These are mini kiss lock bags made with antique Kimono silk. Perfect when you go out only with your cellphone, credit card and some cosmetics like lipsticks. I've been using one for a few weeks and it is very handy and convenient (and of course, beautiful!).

My new Sashiko project is in progress, too.
There are some other projects going on all at once. Not only sewing. Since it is so cold out, I think this is the time to make stuff!

Hope you have a beautiful productive day. And don't forget to check the new UK embroidery magazine Hoop-La here!


  1. Oh, so nice!!! Really productive month! :)

  2. Can you share the rickrack stitch? It's lovely!

    1. Hi Lainie,
      I'll try! Thank you for stopping by!!