Friday, September 2, 2011

2011Trip to Japan #2 Purchase (Materials)

I can't believe it is already September! We still have some hot days like mid Summer, but I often feel a hint of fall in the morning and evening air. It seems my daughter Nina is so ready to go to farm for apple picking and corn maize. And of course she knows what kind of costume she wants for Halloween. I am not so ready for those yet. I will miss Summer days like every year I do.

Today I show you some fabrics and supplies I purchased in Japan. I didn't get many but I am pretty much satisfied about the result.

Starting with my new fabrics. These are all my favorite material Linen and Cotton blend. I collected some fun and cute prints.

I picked this vibrant animal print for my products for children. I have no idea how I am gonna use this yet. I fell in love with this fabric at first sight! This might be a little difficult to use because the pattern is very large in scale and it includes many vivid colors. But I had to have it! I guess this happens to many of my readers who love sewing and fabrics.

The elements of this folklore print are, of course Dala horses (my family of my husband side is half Swedish), and especially I love is the combination of red and grey. It makes this folk theme print look modern.

My favorite pattern, Polka dots in chic colors. This will be so great for smocking projects. Or can be very nice linings for bags.

I always want to get some Japanese traditional themed fabrics when I go to Japan. This time I couldn't find any great ones unfortunately (I didn't have time to explore!), so this one is not very special but I got this anyways. This is very traditional pattern called "Ya-gasuri" which means "Arrow-Ikat".

These are 3mm thick felt. I have been looking for these kinds of good thick felt in the US. But there is no luck so far. So I got some in Japan this time. If you know any good felt suppliers who sell something like this, please let me know. I will really appreciate that.

I got a lot of supplies for jewelry making and purse making. These are ring basses and I bought many of them.

Variety of purse frames. I got lots of them too! I am ready to make many bags for my shop to get ready for the Holiday season!

The football season is starting here in South Bend Indiana. Tomorrow is the first game day of the year for Notre Dame. The town seems lively and very excited. We had a nephew in the band last four years. He played a big drum. But he graduated this Summer. Then my niece became a freshman of ND and she got in the ND marching band. Hurray! I am not a big sports fan but always love to see and listen to the band. This afternoon we are going to see the band rehearsal at the campus. Every band rehearsal we go. That became tradition of my family. And going to see band tells to me the fall is just around the corner. We also are going to the First Friday in down town tonight. This little town is pretty much filled with fun things.

I hope you all have a great week end. Happy September!

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