Friday, April 13, 2012

Challenge! / Making Rubber Stamps

Making rubber stamps in original designs was One of the crafts I have never tried and wanted to do for many years. Lately I was thinking to get a new logo for my shop and blog. I thought of making a logo with handmade rubber stamp would be perfect. I made one, and a couple more in different designs for practice.

The cuts of finished stamps don't look so great. But when I stamped them on a paper, I thought it looks pretty good for the first time! I don't have any special tools for curving so I used my design knife. I know some fabulous stamp carving artists use only a design knife. But I think it would be much easier for me if I used a chisel for carving. (I might purchase one soon.)

Traced design on rubber pieces.

The designs are based on Nina's drawing.

A Happy dog. []^.^[]

It would simplify my work if I just could stamp the logo on my products instead of making cloth tapes and sewing them on.

It was quite fun to make those stamps by myself. I think I will be into it from now on. It would be fun to carve bigger ones and print a original pattern on a fabric. That makes total original products of mine!

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