Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Fridays / Chinoiserie & Asian inspirations

I had a great evening of First Friday at Junk Evolution last Friday! I brought in my creations and lots of Furoshiki (Japanese traditional wrapping clothes). I enjoyed talking with customers and shop around the store (I purchased a pretty stool and a Japanese plate) as well. This is the table of my items. Junk Evolution always offers me a beautiful setting for my products. Thank you Char, Linda and Bernie!

I made some Japanese sweets for entertaining customers. I was glad to see people liked to explore unfamiliar foods and I got many complements from them.

My Japanese friends showed themselves in their beautiful Silk Kimono (Japanese traditional outfit). It made a highlight of the event. Thank you Akiko-san and Mrs.Otani-san for your generousness!

There are some more pictures of the fabulous decorations in the shop. There are also more pictures on Junk Evolution Blog.

My items are still there and I will bring in more occasionally. If you missed the First Fridays, it is not late to come and find something pleasant! They always have lots of fun and new things you will enjoy. Thank you for reading and I hope all of you had a great Easter weekend!

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