Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Parade of Wedding Ring Pillows

I found lots of wedding ring pillows which I made for work many years ago in Japan. They were carefully stored in a container which I almost have forgotten. It will be a bridal season coming up. I thought that I should bring them out and make good use of them for blessed brides in this area! I decided to sell them away and Char of Junk Evolution willingly consented to have all of them in their shop. These gorgeous wedding ring pillows are all handmade (mostly hand stitched!) using quality materials by me. I guarantee it will make a fantastic gift for your precious daughter's, sister's or best friend's wedding. You can see them at Junk Evolution. Please stop by if you were close to South Bend!

Some of them were made for this book which was issued in 2005 in Japan. This book is all about how to make wedding ring pillows by yourself and I was one of the contributors. It is absolutely a beautiful book.

My works in the book.

This one is made of felt. I applied some paper quilling techniques to felt. Funny thing I remember is that I finished this pillow when I was on vacation in Hawaii. Felt doesn't seem a good material to work with in tropical island at all. But that is always how it works in the world of book publishing with tight schedule.

This one I used a needle felting technique. This one is made in Hawaii, too!

April was very cold in Michiana. We had some frosty mornings last week. I planted many flowers and herbs in my new little flower bed a couple days ago. I hope it will be warming up next week. Thank you for reading, and you all have a happy weekend!

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