Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring clothes sewing

I sewed some clothes for Nina and myself lately. A skirt for Nina, and a top for me. The last week of March Nina's school had a spring music concert. There was a dress cord for the performers. They could only wear green, black and white on stage. A week before the concert, I made up my mind to make a skirt for her in green. This year, I am trying to consume my materials I already have in my workroom instead of making the heap of my stash bigger. So I dug up a piece of pretty flower print and a matching solid. And whipped up this pretty fresh green skirt in one day. There is no pattern and it is a super easy project. If you have a little girl you would want more than seven (or ten, maybe?) of those skirts for Summer :p I would make more in other colors soon. Probably with some simple pockets. I am thinking to share a tutorial of making this skirt here.

They played some Irish songs for the St.Patrick's day. Nina's class played Amazing Grace with hand bells. And Nina was a conductor for that! It must be easy for you to imagine how proud we are to see her in front of the kids.

I am going to be featured as a designer of the month at Junk Evolution in April. I will be there for the monthly event First Fridays on April 6th. And their theme of April is Asia. So I want to wear something representing Japan culture. So I made a top with a beautiful cotton print of  the reproduction of Kimono design.

My bags and accessories themed Japan will be sold though April and we are also planning to have a class for making Origami mobile.

We are having a beautiful Spring day here in Northern Indiana. I hope you all have a great week!

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