Sunday, July 10, 2011

The white dress

Eventually I had time to take some pictures of the white dress for Nina. The pattern is based on the dress in this Japanese sewing book. The author of this book is Yoshiko Tsukiori. She is one of the popular sewing book authors in Japan. I like her design because those are very cute and simple enough to arrange to put some originality in it.

This morning I asked Nina to be a model for this photo shooting. I think you can tell that she is by way of being a super model.

Look at her left shin. That was a shame she got an owie yesterday. (Well, I don't think she even remembers she has a Band-Aid though.)  I made this dress following Nina's drawing (her design) as much as I can. She had two big favors about this dress. One was double ruffles on the skirt. Another one was some pretty flowers around the neck. The pattern I used didn't have both. So I had to adjust it a bit and add big fat double ruffles and pretty lace flowers.

She is so excited that she got these new "High-Heel" sandals for attending the wedding. We purchased these about a month ago. And she has been wearing them in the house. This is the first time she wore them outside! (My house has "No Shoes" policy. You can only wear clean shoes which have never been worn outside!)

Some more posing as a super model. It is hard to see but I sewed lace tapes on the waist line and right above the ruffles just for a little more perfection.

I am sorry that you cannot see flowers very well in this picture. I made these with gathered cotton lace tapes and some pearl beads. I hope you can see the detail in the progress photo below.

We are leaving to North Carolina for attending my brother in law's wedding. We'll stay there about a week then leave to Japan right after. I will keep posting about my trip here and on Facebook. I am going to bring good materials, books, new ideas, stories and more and more from Japan! Please look forward to seeing it, and I hope you all have a good summer vacation too!

My Etsy shop is now on vacation mode. It will be reopen sometime in September. There will be coming some changes and many new items so please check it out when I am back!


  1. It's lovely! You both did such a great job, designing, sewing and modeling. Oh and I love the high heels :) I'm sure she will always remember these special shoes.


  2. I love reading the posts about the things you sew for your daughter because they remind me of my own mother sewing things for me when I was young. I remember having special requests for dresses and her efforts to accommodate my fashion visions. Nina is a beautiful model and your collaboration on this dress has worked out perfectly. I love the flowers and the ruffle touches! The dresses a mama makes are the most treasured. :)