Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thrifty find / Vintage textiles

I haven't posted about my thrifty shopping for long time. I love to shop at thrifty stores, recycling stores, yard sales, estate sales and even at auctions sometimes. There I want to share what I got lately from those places. Today I focus on vintage textiles like blankets and fabrics. My color theme of this Winter was warm color family. Yellow, red and orange. I am trying to brighten up our family room which faces to North. It is a beautiful room but a bit dark. I think These crocheted blankets do their duty.
The pillow above and the granny square blanket are from my favorite local vintage store "Junk Evolution". And this beautifully made herringbone blanket above is from one of the thrift stores in town. I was so excited when I found these. They are in perfect condition and just what I wanted for the room!

This one below is the gauzy blanket I just got a couple days ago from St. Paul de Vincent. The color and "patchwork" look caught my eye as soon as I reached to the house ware section. It actually is not a piece-worked quilt. The patchwork pattern is printed on a very soft fabric (I think it is a cotton double gauze) but the patterns of each squares are so cute. I actually don't have a purpose for this. But I think it is worth to take a space of my linen closet.

There are some photos of detail.

I found more vintage fabrics at the same store. Some are from pillow cases, some are from sheets. I love the slightly faded color of the prints. And the design of the patterns are so pretty and nostalgic as well.

These are from an estate sale I have been many months ago. The former owner of the house must have liked sewing once. I guess these are from around 1960's.

Well, I guess I made another pile of textiles I need to maintain and organize. I really need to clean my messy studio. It is so easy to get a pile bigger, but its horribly hard to reduce it (you know?). Because these are all so pretty!

I bought four big plastic containers for these after all. I promise! I will REALLY start cleaning my studio TOMORROW!!! (Now, I think it has to happen since I declared it here to you all d-; )


  1. These are great finds! I totally know how you feel about needing to organize. I am in the same boat and don't seem to have enough room for all my inspiring supplies. Maybe the only way is to use them up? :) I also want to wish you Happy Birthday (belated) and to let you know that I gave you a Liebster Blog award for being one of my favorite blogs! You'll have to look at the post to see what I wrote about you, and then if you like, you can pass the award along to some of your favorites. I always enjoy seeing your creations. Thanks for all the pretty and creative posts! <3

  2. Thank you so much Kimi, and I am sorry I couldn't respond to your comment sooner! I am so honored being given the Liebester Blog Award from you! I read through your post right after you left the comment and I loved the list of your Liebesters. I am so happy to know you like my blog as much as you like those other incredible blogs. I will try to post about my own Liebester Blogs soon, but it seems pretty hard to narrow them down to five!