Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Weekend

Last Saturday was my Birthday. We had a delicious Birthday brunch at Sorin's Restaurant in Notre Dame. It was the first time for us to eat there and we were so happy we picked the restaurant for the special meal. I had a bowl of clam chowder soup and a smoked salmon sandwich. It was delicious. Everyone was satisfied with great food and service. This Thursday is my husband's Birthday. I am looking forward to having a dinner at the best Sushi restaurant in the town. In the evening we went skating at Haward Park outdoor rink. It was fun and a good exercise for me especially after a big meal!

I worked on this smocking project this weekend. Smocking is one of my favorite categories. Especially for Spring and Summer, I like to use this technique on my creations. However, smocking can be used for all season project. It would work very well with wool fabric too. Makes cozy texture and the finished products could be chic or cute.

The flowers Nina and I were given for the Valentine's day were in full bloom this weekend. It smells wonderful in my Kitchen.

Yesterday on the President day, Nina and I baked Meringue. Nina calls that "a Science project" since the recipe is from this book. It was way too sweet but formed very well. Making Meringue is pretty simple and I think it is perfect for Mom and Kids baking project.

There was one unfortunate thing happened on Friday. Our refrigerator went off. The freezer is still working. But we just can't keep it without the half of it not working. The fridge is more than twenty years old. I guess it is the time. So we had to spend unexpected expense. Fortunately I can keep contents of the fridge outside until the new refrigerator comes. This Winter it is very mild for this area so foods didn't get frozen so far. The new one is coming on Wednesday. Otherwise, it was a very good long weekend. I hope you had a great one too.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Your hand smocking is beautiful!

  2. Happy birthday! Love your smocking - so pretty!