Monday, February 13, 2012

Spottie the Colorful Kitten

I finished making a little kitty right after this post. The pattern is from this book. As I work on assembling the parts together I realized the pattern misses some marks. It confused me a little bit, but once I figured it out it was quite fast to finish. It's made of Nina's old sweater and baby cloth.

Stuffing was Nina's job. She is a big stuffed animal lover. I think she enjoyed this work pretty much. (I guess we put a little too much filling in the cat :o )

Nina named the cat Spottie. It seems she already loves Spottie a lot.

I added a little eye makeup and pink whiskers on her (I am not sure if its a girl.....). We are planning to make another kitten and send it to Japan for Nina's lovely cousin Momo.

By the way, last Tuesday there was a community event called "Daddy and Daughter Dance". My Husband and Nina attended this for their first time this year. (I could have quiet time by myself to work on my new items for the shop!) He says it was one of his dream to attend D&D Dance with his sweetest daughter. They were arrayed in their finest clothes.

Nina and I already got pretty bouquets from our best guy and I gave Nina a makeup item for the Valentine's day. I hope you all have a good Valentine's day. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

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