Thursday, February 9, 2012

Featured on PRUDENT BABY!

My "Easy Origami Valentine Heart Card Tutorial" is featured on PRUDENT BABY blog! Their site is filled with a lot of useful tutorials, videos and information. I hope many of PRUDENT BABY readers like my post and enjoy making origami hearts! Thank you for having me on your site PRUDENT BABY!

I posted new pictures of more colorful hearts for the PRUDENT BABY post. Please check it out over there. Happy origami making!


  1. Hi Hiromi. I just wanted to say I love looking through your blog and seeing the bags and other things you make. I hope to one day possess the skill to be able to do something like that (I'm very new to arts & crafts, knitting/crocheting, and I haven't even begun to learn to sew or other needlework).

    I came across one of your entries about the mini Boston bag for your daughter and it has your shop label in it. I was just wondering, would you mind sharing how you make your label? Most sites that I've come across say to print on fabric. I was just curious about your method. Thanks. :)

    1. Hello, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a very nice comment! I assume you forgot to leave your handle name. So please come back and tell me your name if you want:)

      I print out my labels with my ink jet printer. As many people do, I use freezer paper to secure the fabric (cut in letter size) and just set it in my printer. Cannot forget to iron to fix the ink to the fabric.

    2. Hello Hiromi. I meant to include my name. I signed into my google account, thinking that my name would show, but for some reason, Blogger had my name set to "Unknown." :]

      Thank you for the information. Do you know if the ink fades or anything if you use it for washables?

    3. Hi Laura,
      Thank you for coming back!
      I am using my printed labels more than an year and I have not experienced the ink came off or faded. I think it will fade someday in the future, but it seems pretty much sturdy. I use general quilting cotton and Epson ink. Just for your info.

    4. Thank you. :) I'll have to test it sometime.