Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bigger was clever

Last Spring I made this dress which Nina wore for this Easter. It was for her 4th birthday party. I made this dress one size bigger than her actual size. And it was a good decision. It didn't look too big for her one year ago (here you can see pictures), and it fits perfect for her now.

I made a new bow instead of the satin ribbon. I was lucky that I still had this fabric left in my stash.

I hope you can see sequins I embellished on the front skirt.

Nina's 5th birthday is coming in May. I am still thinking if I make a new "a little over sized dress" for her birthday. She could wear this one again........well, maybe I should go shopping. Seeing pretty fabrics will make my motivation up.


  1. The dress is very pretty and the fabric is so sweet !

  2. Hi PY,I just love this flower print. Your comment encourages me to make another one! Thanks.