Monday, April 19, 2010

New Project

I started next quilt project. I got a charm pack of  Moda Verna from the local fabric store. Some solids are Kona which I purchased on line the other day. This will be a small quilt for somebody in Japan. Yes, it is going to be a gift. I can't say whom it is going to yet here. I'm planning to surprise.

I want to make this in a very soft and elegant color scheme, and I already like these colors I chose. I picked "Disappearing Nine Patch" pattern this time. First, I arranged eight 9 patches. One block is made of 5 prints and 4 solids.

Stack all the 72 squares in right order and put some number stickers to organize. Waiting to be sewn.

Sewed nine squares together and one big 9 patch is done.

It feels so gooooood when I concentrated all four corners precisely. ( I'm not sure if this expression is appropriate. I hope you understand.)

Look! Do you feel it too?

I need to make four more 9 patches, but now, they already look very good. I feel it is going to be a pretty quilt!

One of  9 patch I made. Ready to cut.

I divided the big square in four small ones. The small square measures 7" ×7".

16 blocks are done. 16 more to go!

I only finished a half of blocks so this is not the final arrangement. But I couldn't resist trying to arrange them and seeing how they are gonna look like.

I can't wait to finish all blocks. I usually sew when Nina goes to preschool. She goes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. But this week I have something to do on Wednesday. So I have to wait until this Friday to finish these pretty blocks. That is long time to wait!

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