Saturday, April 10, 2010

What were we doing ?

The bundle of Kona Cotton I ordered online was delivered. I can't wait to use them.

The middle school in our neighborhood has a very nice track to run. We had some races in one beautiful afternoon.

Potawatomi zoo opened on the first Friday in April. We have a membership so we come here pretty often. This is a small zoo and it is very good size for little kids to walk around. You can see all animals and take a little train ride or a pony ride in maybe a couple hours. They are closed in the winter time. So it was fun to say Hi! to all the animal friends (like Ivory the white tiger and Flash the yellow tiger) which are really familiar to us.

Easter egg hunt in the big back yard at Nana & Papa's place with cousins.

Taking pictures with dressed up cousins.

Studying Japanese alphabets. It is an important job for me to keep Nina being bilingual. There is no Japanese school in this area. So Mom has to be a good teacher. It is hard but I will try.

I hope everyone will have a nice weekend.


  1. good for you I think ALL children should have the chance to learn 2 lanuages!

  2. Hello Grandmarockton! Thank you so much to become the first follower too! I love your picture with your family. It is lovely!