Sunday, December 2, 2012

November look back

I can't believe its already December?! And its already the third? Where did my November go? I know, it is the busiest time of the year. I have been saying the same phrase every year.

This weekend, Nina will be in a big ballet production in the town. If you are a long-term reader of my blog, you must remember that she participated "the Nutcracker" ballet as a snowflake. This is her third Nutcracker stage and she is going to dance an Angel. We have already been busy for rehearsals and the first performances in New Buffalo in Michigan last Saturday. Also I've been making products for my shop and consignment. And just like most of you are, I am busy preparing Holiday gifts and decorations. Oh well, I think I just wanna look back now what my November was like with pictures I took. And take a deep breath to take myself back to push through a couple more weeks.

Beautiful frosty mornings.

Before the frost kills my pretty flowers in pots, I took them in the living room. They are still blooming beautifully and more flowers are coming.

 November 9th was our 10th anniversary. We were invited to the nice restaurant by my parents in law, and we had a big good dinner. I had a Kobe beef steak. It was so delicious. And a piece of rich chocolate cake was a gift from the restaurant. We had a lovely night.

I finished knitting a pair of socks. These were an anniversary gift to Tim. 
Oooops! A little to long for his feet. But I love the pattern which is made automatically by the yarn. And this wool is very soft to the skin. I want make a pair for myself with the same yarn in different colors. It seems not to be happening though. Let's hope the Tim's pair will shrink a bit after a wash.

 One beautiful day, we went nature walking.

And went to the Snite Museum of Art in Notre Dame University.
 We say in Japan "Fall for Art". Which means Fall is the best time of the year to appreciate Arts.
I love Art museums. That is one big thing I really miss in Tokyo. There are so many good museums in the big city and I was able to see the best arts from around the world.

Observation day at ballet school.

Making flower brooches for consignment.

I enjoyed making a Ginger bread house with Nina.

Those walls and roofs of the house smell so yummy. Daddy said "I wanna eat them right now!"

I did a Furoshiki wrapping demonstration at Junk Evolution again for a group of Holiday gift shoppers. They gave me a fresh Christmas swag from the Farmers' Market to me. It is hanging on my front door now. Very lovely gift. I love it.

We bought the Christmas tree today at a fire department. It is a fundraiser for breast cancer. They had good trees and we got a very beautiful one. It is already decorated and sitting in our family room. I really need to make a nice tree skirt this year. (It should have happened many years ago!) I hope I can share some photos of our tree and what I am working on in my studio soon. And hope you guys will survive enjoy this busy week as well. Happy December!

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