Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Last Weekend

I had a very busy week last week. I was invited as the artist of the month by Junk Evolution on Friday and had a Furoshiki (Japanese Wrapping cloth) demonstration on Saturday. So I worked on making new items to sell for Holiday gift shoppers and preparing for demonstration. Plus, Nina had the first two performances of the Nutcracker 2011 as a little snowflake on Saturday afternoon in Michigan.

At Junk Evolution, they made a whole shelf filled with my work. My items are very nicely displayed by Char and Linda in their admirable shop. I was so happy to see that.

They change the theme of their display every month. This month, it is "Dancing into December". I always am looking forward to seeing their new look of the shop every month. And this is how it looks like now. (I am sure they already have sold many of these beautiful things since I was there.) It is spectacular!

Their First Friday events are always filled with fun ideas. This time, they had dancers on the front show windows!

And this is me in front of my shelf. I stayed there through the event and talked with many customers. People who adore this shop are all very nice and very interesting. I had a good time to communicate with people.

Right after I finished my Furoshiki demo, I ran to Michigan to see Nina's ballet performance. I needed to drive for an hour and it was worth it.

They are going to have more shows in Downtown South Bend next weekend. They have dress rehearsals every night from today. Actually, right now when I am writing this, they are at the theater. I have to pick her up at 7:00 pm, then run to the school to attend "the night with Santa" event! The Mommy job seems never ends! And that is my dream job so I'm gonna make it!

This is my little snowflake in her costume. (They couldn't find tiaras for all the snowflakes that day. So girls missed having their precious tiaras! ) I thought the lip stick was too red for little ones, though, they looked so pretty!

And here is my favorite Nutcracker in Junk Evolution. They painted him in turquoise!

I hope you all have a great busy week! Happy Holidays!

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