Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

I am really hoping all of you didn't get injured or damaged by Sandy. And also hope that the people in the devastated area will be able to get back to their ordinary life soon. It was scary that even here in Northern Indiana was affected by Sandy. We had a bad stormy day and night. I could tell how big and strong the hurricane was. I can easily imagine that must have been a nightmare for those people live in the area.

Our Halloween was still raining and drizzling here. But we could never stop kids who have been burning to go out for trick or treating. Fortunately the time we were loitering around wasn't very wet. We went to the area where many beautiful old houses are standing in rows. It is also a very popular place for trick or treating. This year, finally Nina took a pretty big part of preparing her costume. She was a good wizard. Only things I needed to do were altering the night gown (It was a Christmas gift from someone and has been hanged in the closet for a couple years) and put an elastic tape and ribbons on her hat and wand. Otherwise, Nina made the hat and wand by herself. Well, this was a pretty simple costume, though. I kinda loved this No-hassle costume Halloween.


Probably its hard to tell in the photo, but I was amazed how she constructed the 3D star shape from a piece of paper. Never sell seven -year-olds short. They are such great inventors.

Scaring citizens and collecting treats with good friends. We enjoyed the view of nicely decorated pretty houses.

A giant kitten watching little monsters' behavior.

Those monsters were polite enough to wait in the line for their turn.

Stopped at a good friend's house to say "Trick or treat" to Cooper the doggie.

This is the Halloween box lunch I fixed for Nina. The ghost is made of white rice and a seaweed seat.

When Nina got home from school I asked her if she could tell what shape this apple was meant. She said "an Apple?" OF COURSE, I meant it to be a PUMPKIN, my sweetheart!

I cannot believe she's gotten so big! I remember clearly when she was one year old, her back in a little ladybug costume giving some treats away to the visitors at our front door. It is one very sweet memory of mine.

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