Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Laminated Lunch Bag

I've been making Nina's box lunch every weekday since I wrote this post in August. Nina was using her "Dora" lunch bag which she got when she was in preschool. One day, she said she doesn't wanna take "Dora" to school anymore. Oh, yeah. I should have realized that she never watches Dora anymore for years. She even isn't interested in most of Princesses anymore as well. She is a big girl now. So I whipped up this little lunch tote bag for her with cute laminated prints.

I had small pieces of 4-5 different laminated prints in my stash. The local fabric store sells the laminates fat quarters. That's very convenient for sewers who likes to make small pouches and coin purses.

I sewed in a thermal batting which I got from Clover Japan (You can find similar batting here in the US) so it keeps cold things cold, and hot things hot in the tote.

The bag is just a basic box shape with a zipper on the top. I made handles with the same fabrics with the exterior.

Close up of the end of zipper. I always use YKK zippers for my stuff. I have tried other makers but it didn't work well for me. YKK surely makes good products. I wish we could buy their products nationwide in the US. (I get them online. There is not many choices in real stores at least in this area.) (;_;)

Wide gussets are necessary for Lunch bags.

An advantage of making a lunch bag is that you can make the size and shape perfect for your lunch boxes. This tote sits in the bottom of Nina's book bag stable.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you had a wonderful weekend as we did. Happy sewing!


  1. Wow, this is so nice. It would make a nice toiletry bag for any adult!