Monday, October 1, 2012


Fall comes to us quickly after a new school year starts here in South Bend. I see Autumn color patches here and there when I take a walk in the morning. The sky gets high and clear. I just love to see the clouds moving in the Autumn sky. It is a pleasant moment of the year. But it passes by so quickly as well. That is why I feel this season is so precious. And a bit sad. I always try to print on my mind every view which the nature shows us in this short moment. Before it packs us in a box of gloomy gray sky and freezing silver snow. (I am getting to like Winter and Snow these years. This is going to be the seventh Winter since I moved in this area from Tokyo!)

I bake this Irish apple cake so often in Fall. We love the taste of caramelized apples on top. I am looking forward to going to apple picking at an orchard soon. I need to learn to bake the best apple pie this fall. Any good recipes? It would be great if it is easy to make ;p !

Nina had an apple day in her class room last week. They cooked apple sauce and made this little apple piggy. She has an awesome teacher this year again! What a lucky kid and parents we are.

And.....a new embroidery project is going on. The embroidery part is almost done. It will be a tote bag and on my Etsy shop soon as well. The shop is almost ready to re-open. I just need to organize information of the products and list them up in my shop.

Thank you for reading. Please have a wonderful week!

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  1. That bag looks darling! What a creative embroidery idea. I always enjoy your posts.