Sunday, May 27, 2012

The process of embroidering Lily of the Incas

I am sorry of my absence from blogging. This time of the year is quite busy around me and also sometimes it gets hard to keep up my enthusiasm for things. I still have made a few things since the last update. I would like to share one of those project today.

I got a little flower bouquet for Mother's day and the flowers stayed beautiful for two whole weeks. There was a bunch of Lily of the Incas (they are also called Peruvian Lily. Alstromeria is a common name for this flower in Japan ) and it bloomed so pretty. I thought of drawing an embroidery pattern of this flower.

Then I started stitching right away.

Can you tell what I was making with these embroidered Lily of the Incas? Well, you will see it soon maybe in the next post (or the second).


  1. Wonderful!!!!
    Kisses from Brazil,

  2. Your embroidery is lovely, I wish that I could make my own drawings for my embroidery!

  3. Those really are gorgeous! They look so very real!